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A Bridal Show on Wheels!



Red Carpet Bridal Tours is the next big thing when it comes to Bridal Expos!  Just like they say on their website “‘We’ve taken a bridal show, made it elegant, intimate, and put it on wheels!”  Imagine cutting your wedding research time in HALF.  The Red Carpet Bridal Tours chauffeur you around town in a luxury limo while showcasing 3-4 venues and numerous vendors at each stop.

During the planning process, couples spend so much of their time taking off work to make appointments with vendors or trying to rush to an appointment on their lunch break.  With Red Carpet Bridal Tours you get to have all of your appointments in one day while having fun!

The day starts with mimosas and brunch at the first venue.  Here you meet with a number of different vendors from florists, bakers, photographers and much more.  You are able to spend time with each vendor and take in the full experience of what the venue would look like a feel like during your own wedding!  Then you hop onto a limo and are taken to the next venue!

Each venue visited will have a selection of different vendors you can meet with just like you would during the usual bridal expos, only it’s not as overwhelming and stressful.  You receive goodie “swag” bags at each location and get to experience each venue set up as it would be during a wedding.  I’m a visual person and sometimes just seeing an 8×10 booth at a bridal show isn’t enough to get the full picture.  You will be served lunch, cocktails and even sample cakes!!  Grab your bridesmaids and make a day of it!  I see these tours really making a difference in the wedding planning process for many couples to come!

For more information on how you can join the next tour, visit


5 thoughts on “A Bridal Show on Wheels!

    1. Exactly! Especially in some areas that don’t have many free parking lots…it can get expensive from one appointment to the next. The Red Carpet Bridal Tours always make sure that the first venue has free parking so that the couples and their guests that come along won’t have to worry about parking fees either!


    1. Currently the Red Carpet Bridal Tours are only serving the DMV area. They are hoping to expand in the future across the United States! So far there have been tours in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County and I am planning a tour in Annapolis, MD for January 2014!


  1. I had seen this on you tube and when I heard about this idea than I knew that I needed to be apart of it. This is most definitely a new concept that brides will have to catch on to for their wedding planning. I believe it does make the planning process easier.


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