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What’s Wrong With Hue?



Over the past few years the lines of the traditional white wedding gown have been pushed.  The choice in bridal gowns has really broadened and we are starting to see brides make bolder choices with their wedding gowns.  One of the leading designers of the colorful wedding gown is the amazing Ms. Vera Wang!  She just unveiled a completely PINK line of bridal gowns on the runway for her Fall 2014 line.  These gowns range from a soft peony to a bold coral.  One thing is certain, there is a shade of pink for every woman!  Pink is a color that honestly looks good on everyone…you just have to find the right shade!

The trend doesn’t stop there!  There are even NEON wedding gowns!  You can pretty much find just about any color your little heart desires…even if you want to glow in the dark while walking down the aisle.

In my opinion, as long as the bride is happy and feels beautiful, then rock polka dots for all I care!  I would like to say a word of caution though when choosing colorful wedding gowns.  Please make sure that you are choosing a BRIDAL gown and not a prom dress!  It can be a very fine line between bride and prom date when looking at some of the gowns offered.

You may also want to take into consideration what each color means.  Here are a few examples…

White – This traditional color symbolizes purity and for some it also has religious meaning.

Red – This bold and powerful color is seen traditionally in Chinese weddings and symbolizes luck and joy.

Pink – Symbolizes love and compassion

So what hue are you??


7 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Hue?

    1. Nancy, I think this is going to carry on into 2014. I love that there are so many choices! You can go with a soft blush or lavender or you can go for a bolder statement with red or coral. Definitely something for everyone!


  1. I love it! I think it really shows off the bride’s personality when she chooses to go with a non-traditional gown. If the bride is traditional well then of course her obvious choice would be a white gown and that’s ok too 🙂 I think this is also a great choice for brides entering 2nd marriages and those renewing their vows!


  2. I wonder if the effort on the designer’s part to introduce the bold colors would sway a bride to choose to do so even if she hadn’t originally thought of it herself? You know, like by following trends. As long as a bride does what’s best for her…I say go for it!


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