Wedding Websites

Creating Your Wedding Website



Wedding websites are a great way to keep all of your guests up to date with your wedding details.  There are many options available and it can be a one-stop-shop for your guests.  Some of the great features offered include guest books, RSVP management and you can even have password protection so only your guests can access your site.  Personalize your site with photos, stories of how you met, even add links to your gift registry!  I would suggest creating and launching your site at least 6 months before your wedding date.  This gives you plenty of time to add it to your save the dates and get them out to your guests.

Some of the easy to use, free sites include The Knot, Wedding Wire, Wedding Paper Divas and Wedding Jojo.  Each of these offer great hosting and options for customizing your site to match your style.

The Knot has so many themes to choose from and really easy to use!  Some of the themes you can even order invites to match!  You must be a member of The Knot in order to use their free site builder.  It’s very simple and easy to sign up and is completely free.  When you choose your theme and launch your site you will get your own personalized URL to share with your guests.  The Knot also offers free password protection so that only those who have your password can access your website.  There are also a few ways to share your website with your guests – email, Twitter and Facebook.  I actually used The Knot for my own wedding website and loved it!

Wedding Wire also offers many great themes.  Some of their themes you can also order matching invites.  You will need to be a member of Wedding Wire in order to use this feature but it is easy and free to sign up.  Wedding Wire offers free password protection and a unique URL that you can choose for your wedding website.  It is very easy to use and customize to your own unique style.  You can also make your site searchable for your guests too or you can share in many ways such as email, Twitter and Facebook.

Wedding Paper Divas is not only a fun site for all things stationary, you can even host your wedding site through them also!  Like the other sites, you can match your invites to your wedding site.  They only offer a free website for 1 year so if you are planning a longer engagement this might not be your choice.  Another great feature they offer is a blog on your website so you can keep your guest in the know throughout planning!  The set up is quite easy as well so you can have your site up and running fast!

I found Wedding Jojo while checking out some tips for setting up a wedding website from Martha Stewart Weddings.  Check out this article to help you along the process.  Wedding Jojo (hosted through Martha Stewart Weddings) offers 2 options for a wedding website.  They have a very basic, free version which allows you the following features: Your file storage, photo storage and theme options will be limited.  You also will NOT have RSVP management, no custom domain, no color options and no privacy option.  The other way to go will cost you $14.99/month.  Here is what features are included with that monthly fee: Full Feature access, access to all themes offered, unlimited photo storage, custom domain, your very own blog, free planning kit, password protection and unlimited support.

Creating a website can be intimidating but all of these hosts make it as simple as can be!  Have fun creating your own personal wedding website!  It’s just one more way to include all of your guests in the planning process without having them invade too much of your space. 😉

If you are looking for a wedding planner then head on over to my website for Charming Grace Events, LLC!


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