Wedding Planning

Tackle Your Wedding To-Do List!



Now that you have the ring, where do you begin?  What is the best way to tackle your wedding to-do list?  On average wedding planning can take up to 200 hours!  That includes scoping out venues, stalking the magazine stands for the most current wedding mags and researching every wedding vendor you can find.  That can be very difficult with a job, going to school or if you have children.  Where do you find the extra 200 hours?!  Some of you may already have some of your tasks out of the way so it may not take you as long or maybe (and you should!) you have decided to hire a wedding planner which will also cut your planning time down.

Having a wedding checklist will keep you on track to insure don’t leave anything out.  Keep it with you whether it’s on your phone or in your day planner.  I like this basic checklist by Lifestyle.  You can find more detailed lists on other wedding sites or if you decide to hired a wedding planner they should have one to give you so you can stay on track.

Planning is stressful enough with making all the decisions of details, guest list, flower designs, etc.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your bridal party or family with some of your tasks.  Word to the wise, you don’t want to ask your mother in law to create your guest list or your maid of honor to pick your photographer….you get the idea!  You and your fiance NEED to tackle the larger, more important tasks but you can ask others to help you with the smaller tasks: address envelopes or delivering decor items to your wedding venue.  Your checklist will help bring that stress level down and let you know the best time to complete your tasks to have the best wedding day possible!

Looking for a wedding planner?  You found me!  I am a certified, full service wedding planner serving the Southern Maryland area.  Head over to my website, Charming Grace Events and let’s get started planning your special day!


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