Wedding Planning

How Do You Deal With An Uninvited Guest?



Your perfect day has arrived, the vows have been spoken, rings exchanged and you are mingling with your guests.  Then you look over at a table and notice a complete stranger!  Whether they are an unexpected plus-one that your crazy cousin brought or a random crasher claiming to be your crazy cousin.  What do you do?

I see it happen all the time.  Most people (those who have never planned a wedding typically) have no idea how important a accurate guest count is for your budget.  What happens if all of your reception tables are full….don’t freak out!  It’s not your problem!  If you have a wedding planner or if your venue has a day of coordinator let them handle the logistics of it.  They should be able to add a chair somewhere even if that uninvited guest can’t sit with the guest that brought them…that’s their fault and their problem!  Don’t let that ruin your special day that you have worked so hard for.

In some cases you may get an RSVP from an uninvited guest.  It could be your single friend decided they didn’t want to attend alone so they invite someone without your consent or your mom mentions it to a long time family friend who takes it as an invite.  Don’t stress out!  You can easily handle this without a confrontation.  Make sure, however, that you take care of this situation right away.  The longer you wait, the more tension will be present when you let the uninvited down.  Explain to them that due to budgetary constraints/venue size/etc. you are keeping your guest list small and you are not able to extend an invite to everyone you would like to.  Most people will respect this and understand.  Just remember to stay strong and stand your ground!

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