Wedding Planning

Rustic Wedding Decor – Gypsy Faire


In a casual conversation about local shopping, I learned about one of the best little hidden gems in my area – Gypsy Faire!  This fun shop is located in Lothian, MD and ran by 3 “gypsies.”  Actually, the gypsy gals, as they call themselves on their website, are a few local ladies with one hell of a creative eye and a knack for upsycling furniture.  The gypsies find some of the most amazing pieces around the DMV area and transform them to gorgeous treasures.

As soon as I entered their store, my wedding planning, creative mind went bananas!!  Not only do they have great vintage furniture but they have a ton of detail pieces that I can see being perfect for wedding decor!  Below you will find a few examples of the things I was wanting to empty my bank account on…and yes, that does include the carnival lion in the glass case!  I mean, c’mon!  How cool would that be to have in your home??

Plan your visit to this store in advance.  They are only open the first weekend of every month and their inventory is constantly changing.  If you see something that you want, buy it!  You may not find it on your next trip.  Did I mention the Bloody Mary Bar?? YUM!!

Check out their website here for more info on upcoming inventory and events!  If you want to follow them on Facebook you can find their page here!

For more information on some great places to shop for your wedding or if you are looking for a wedding planner then hop on over to my website Charming Grace Events.




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