Wedding Planning

Let Them Eat Cake…But How Much?


When it comes to wedding cakes we always get to see the beautiful and creative ideas cake designers come up with. Anywhere between intricate designs with floral sprays cascading along the side to bright colors and oddly shaped cakes.  Wedding cake is probably one of the most important center pieces of your reception. However, what do you after its time to call it a night?

I’ve had to toss so much cake into the trash at the end of weddings!  Couples don’t take into consideration the amount of cake that is needed and end up going a little crazy with the overall design. It’s such a waste to have to throw away so much beautiful, TASTY cake! There are still a many ways to have an amazing cake, save money, and not have to trash any at the end of the night. You can always opt to have cake pops, cupcakes or little mini cakes for your guests to enjoy while having a small, 6-8 inch cutting cake for you and your love to cut.  If you simply must have a full size wedding cake make sure you are ordering the right size for the amount of guests you will be serving.  Too much and it’s just a waste, too little and some may be upset they won’t get any dessert!

Here is a great diagram to follow when designing your wedding cake! (Photo credit: Iced Jems)



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