Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner, Venue Coordinator, Event Designer…What’s the Difference?

Wedding Planner, Venue Coordinator, Event Designer….one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!  So many different job titles.  How do you tell the difference and what is it, exactly, that they all do?  How can you decide which type of these vendors is right for your needs?  Well, let’s break each of these down and give you a better idea of what these event professionals do.

Wedding Planner/Coordinator:

A wedding planner deals with every detail of your wedding from start to finish.  If you intend on hiring a wedding planner, I would highly suggest hiring them first!  Wedding planners help plan your wedding within your budget and help with all of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” moments.  Wedding planners invest much of their time building a network of qualified and dependable vendors.  Not only have they personally worked with them, but they can tailor recommendations to fit your budget and style to make your wedding day the best it can be.  Some vendors offer preferred pricing and other perks when booking them with wedding planners they work closely with that clients may not receive on their own.  Wedding planners also deal with the logistics of your wedding day including timing of the ceremony and reception and making sure that all of your vendors are doing exactly what you contracted them to do.  They will be onsite for your whole wedding day and handle all of the tasks that need to be taken care of and any hiccups along the way.

Venue Coordinators:

A venue coordinator is responsible for the aspects that concern the venue itself.  After you have booked your wedding with the venue, you will most likely not have much contact with the venue coordinator until a month or two before your wedding day.  On your wedding day, the venue coordinator’s responsibility is to ensure that the venue is set up, although most do not set up personal items such as guest books, place cards, photos, favors, etc.  Many venue coordinators also leave after dinner is served, leaving the catering supervisor in charge for the remainder of the reception.  If you are having a multi-venue wedding, you will need to manage the set up of multiple venues and guest transportation in between venues.  This is something your in house venue coordinator, who is tied to their venue, will be unable to do.

Event Designers:

An event designer handles all of the aesthetics that come with planning your wedding day.  If you need help deciding what color palette to use or which flowers to choose or even how to decorate your reception tables, an event designer is what you are looking for.  They can create inspiration boards to really focus on your specific event style and assist you in creating the best plan to make your vision come to life.  They are not event managers, although some may offer that service.  An event designer is there to help create your event atmosphere but not necessarily be there to oversee the entire event and timeline of your event.

Now that we have some clarity of who does what, which of these vendors are you looking for?  Still can’t decide?  I would be happy to assist you in finding the best fit for your upcoming event!


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