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Top 5 Mistakes with a DIY Wedding

I see these mistakes all the time!  I have had the pleasure of working with many DIY couples on their weddings.  If done carefully, things will go amazing!  If too many corners are cut, it can turn into something you can’t wait to be donewith!  Keep these top 5 mistakes couples make in mind when planning your DIY wedding!


5.  “I’ll just make it for less!” – This is a line I hear all the time…and I’m guilty of saying it myself.  The only problem with it is that sometimes making it yourself costs the same or more than if you were to rent or have a vendor make it.  Let’s face it, vendors have been doing their profession for a while and will probably be better than your attempt at a DIY project you have no experience with!  People don’t take into consideration how much time each project will take on top of all the materials needed.  It all adds up!

4.  Be realistic with your timeline – So many couples think that weddings are set up in a couple of hours.  If you have an entire room full of boxes and bins of wedding decor….it will take more than a couple of friends and a couple of hours to set it all up.  The truth of it is…it’s takes a village!  If you don’t have a village, or time, talk to your venue about additional set up time!  You are going to want everything set up right and picture perfect for your wedding!  Rome was not built in a day.

3.  The Bar – With DIY weddings, sometimes the bar is left to man itself!  If you don’t have an actual bartender and you are putting it all together yourself…did you get enough ice?  Do you have enough beverages?  You may actually be surprised by just how much of everything you will actually need in order to not send someone out to get more in the middle of the reception!  Here is an awesome ice calculator to help you!  Not sure how much alcohol to get?  Try The Alcohol Calculator.  Don’t forget the mixers and sodas for the non-alcohol drinkers!

2.  Skipping set up with a vendor to save money – I have seen this so many times!  The reason I always suggest getting set up and delivery through the vendor you are hiring is because it usually is cheaper with them than putting it on another vendor or trying to make time to do it yourself.  They already have a set up and delivery strategy.  You may only have a small window for set up so save yourself some stress and let them handle the set up and break down!  Enjoy your day!

1.  Hiring a friend of the family as a vendor – Please, please, please be careful doing this!  I have witnessed too many disasters when couples use friends and family as vendors.  I mean no disrespect to your friends or family.  I’m sure they are amazing!  What I am warning you to is that there is no contract in place in case something DOES go wrong.  If they agree to make all of your florals and decide to cancel last minute, there is nothing to stop them and you will be left with no bouquet or centerpieces.  If the beautiful cake they made is destroyed in transit, there is nothing that says they owe you anything…including a new cake on your wedding day!  These are both very real scenarios that have happened to past clients of mine.  It takes your wonderful day and turns it into a stressful nightmare you just want to be over as quickly as possible.  Family and friends will want to help in any way they can for your BIG day.  Give them tasks that are still meaningful but that you know can be fixed easily like helping with making signage or place cards or maybe picking out candy for the candy buffet!  It will not only save your relationship with them but it will save you from going through a crazy, stressful ordeal during your most important time!

Feeling the pressure of wedding planning?  Let’s chat about how I can pull you back on track and help you enjoy planning your wedding!  Charming Grace Events


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