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Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Weddings

I find that couples struggle with deciding just how to honor those that can’t be here for such a special day.  I am often asked how to go about doing so.  It’s important to decide on whether you want to honor them with all of your guest or do something that is just for you, personally.

I had this same struggle with my own wedding.  I lost my father at a young age and my grandmother passed two years before my wedding.  I decided to honor them in a couple different ways and there are so many others you may choose to do for your own wedding.

I had a framed sign by a lit candle for my lost loved ones and my husband’s at our reception.  I also decided to have a pin made with a photo of my father on one side and my grandmother on the other.  I had it added to my bouquet and kept it a secret from my mother.  Once I was finished getting ready, I brought out my bouquet and shared the pin with my mother.  We both cried and it is a moment that I will never forget!  These pins can be made for boutonnieres, cuff links or even for your shoes!

Photography by: Leigh & Becca and Brittany Defrehn Photography


I loved this mantle that one of my brides had me put together.  She had photos of both her’s and her fiance’s grandparents and other lost relatives of theirs.  She also made this very sweet sign that was placed in the middle of all of the photos.  It was perfect for her reception space and her guests really enjoyed looking at all the photos and remembering those lost along the way.

Photography by: Aimee Custis Photography


Here are some other great ideas to honor those lost loved ones in your wedding:

  • A candle with a framed sign placed on a small table at your ceremony or some place special at the reception.
  • Chairs at your ceremony or reception with a photo or one of their hats of your loved one.  I’ve even seen a pair of cowboy boots used on the chair.
  • A special quote or passage to be read during your ceremony that reminds you of your loved one.
  • A rose or other flowers placed in a vase with a photo or sign.

There really are so many special ways to honor those that are in our hearts.  Make it special not only to you but to your loved one.  What type of things did they enjoy?  Do something that represents who they were and the relationship you had with them and you can’t go wrong.

I would love to hear how you plan to honor your loved one at your wedding!  Leave your comments below!


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