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15 ways to Recycle your Wedding Dress


When your wedding is over and the all the glitter settles, one of the bigger questions I get is “What do I do with my wedding dress?”  You spent months looking on Pinterest and every bridal magazine you could get your hands on.  Probably spent hours trying on dresses until you found “the one.”  So what do you do with that beautiful gown that you only wore for a few hours?  The answer…lots of things!  Here are 15 ways that you can recycle your dress!

1.  Donate it!  There are quite a few organizations out there that will take used wedding dresses and do wonderful things with them.  One that is close to my heart is Brides Across America.  I got my own wedding dress through them and they help so many military brides every year!  Another great organization is NICU Helping Hands for Infants.  They make Angel Gowns from donated wedding dresses and offer support for families who have experienced the loss of an infant.

2.  Look into any local Facebook groups that allow wedding consignment listings!  If you aren’t too sentimental on keeping your wedding dress, you can always sell it and make some money back!

3.  Save it and make a Christening Gown for your first child like this one I found on Rosebasket.Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

4.  Ask your wedding photographer about adding a Trash the Dress shoot to your wedding package.  Go out and have some fun with it like this bride!  Take a look at this session on Capitol Romance.Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

5.  Make a fun Tote or Clutch out of your dress!

Photo credit:

6.  I love this headband I found on Babble!Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

7.  Turn a piece of the lace from your dress in to a pendant.  If you have crystals, turn them in to stud earrings!Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

8.  This scarf is gorgeous!  It’s perfect for those hat may have a slight scarf habit!  DIY directions on Natasha Goes.Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

9.  Place a piece of your dress in a picture frame and hang it with a collage of photos  from your wedding day!Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

10.  There is an actual company out there that will make a keepsake teddy bear from your dress!  Send it to Bowman Bears and have one made for your first child!Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

11.  Make a Christmas ornament out of pieces from your dress.Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

12.  Turn your dress into a beautiful wreath for your front door!Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

13.  Turn your dress into a Christmas stocking.Maryland-DC-Virginia-Wedding-Planner

If your really crafty you can tackle these next 2 ideas!

14.  Turn the skirt of your wedding dress into your new Christmas tree skirt!

15.  Turn your wedding gown into a fun, cocktail dress!

These ideas are all a great way to recycle your wedding dress and get one more use out of it or help someone in need along the way!  I would love to see your ideas and how you recycled your own wedding gown!  Leave comments and pics below!!

Contact me for more inspiring ideas on how to recycle your wedding dress!


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