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10 Spring Wedding Cocktails

Spring wedding season is right around the corner and I love when my couples add a signature drink to their bar menu.  It’s just one more little personal touch that turns a wedding into YOUR wedding!  Do you have a favorite drink of choice? Maybe you and your hunny went on vacation and fell in love with a certain cocktail together.  Whatever the case may be, choose something that is special to you!  Here’s a roundup of 10 drinks for your spring time wedding:

  1. The Moscow Mule (aka Vodka Buck) – anything that involves mint and I’m a fan!

    Photo Credit – Ask Anna Moseley Blog
  2. The Orange Crush – I was introduced to this fun drink when we moved to Maryland and boy do I crave it when starts to warm up outside!

    Photo Credit – Magnolia Days
  3. Champagne and (insert fun garnish here!) – Traditional and simple!  Just add some rock candy or a small fluff of cotton candy and you have yourself a fun party drink!

    Photo Credit – Fizara
  4. The Green Flash – I have not personally tried this drink, it just sounds fun!

    Photo Credit – Buzzfeed
  5. Red Cedar Sunset – This is a really good drink and the way that each ingredient settles makes it a pretty one too.

    Photo Credit – Fresh Look Photography To Make: 2 oz. orange juice, 4 oz. champagne, 3/4 oz. grenadine. Pour orange juice, then champagne into a chilled champagne glass. Gently drizzle grenadine into glass.
  6. Strawberry Basil Lemonade – My buddy over at the Daily Appetite blog gave me this refreshing little ditty.

    Photo Credit – Daily Appetite
  7. Purple Rain – If you didn’t sing the song in your head when you read that, we can’t be friends…

    Photo Credit – Drinkedin
  8. Orange Vodka Martini – Simple, easy and refreshing!

    Photo Credit – Give Recipe blog
  9. Raspberry Lemoncello Prosecco – I can’t help but try a drink made with Prosecco…I love the fizz!

    Photo Credit – Damn Delicious
  10. Spiked Cherry Limeade – I’m such a sucker for a Limeade slush when it warms up outside…add this adult twist and it’s a party!

    Photo Credit – With Salt & Wit

For more inspiration check out my Signature Cocktails Pinterest board here.

Need assistance with other wedding planning ideas?  Let’s chat and see how I can help you get through your to-do list!


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