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Venue Feature -American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of touring the AVAM in Baltimore…and boy was I excited!  This place is so much fun and has so much to offer!  I was bouncing around like a little kid trying to see everything!

One of my amazing clients has decided on this venue for their May wedding and it is going to be very unique and fun.  There are a few buildings to go through and the 2 main buildings you aren’t allowed to take photos.  There are so many sculptures and art pieces outside and in the garden area that you won’t mind trying to find them all.

They have a few areas that you can rent to host your wedding or event.  For more info on their pricing and rental check out their website here.


Photo Credit: Wendy Hickok Photography

Do you need help finding your perfect wedding venue?  Let’s chat and take the stress out of your wedding planning!


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