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20 Reasons to Have a Black & White Wedding


When it comes to picking out wedding colors, we tend to shy away from the color black.  Why?  Every woman has her favorite LBD (little black dress) in her closet but when it comes to weddings our favorite dress color is instantly thrown out the window.  Here are 20 reasons why your wedding colors should include the chicest of all colors, black.

1. Your invitations will be bold and classic, guests won’t want to miss out with an invitation like this.

Invitations by Jupiter & Juno

2. Your soon-to-be hubby will have an excuse to rock these black and white polka-dot socks!

3. Like we need a reason to add blackberries to our champagne? But if we did- this would be it!

4. You’ll have an excuse to have these adorable chalkboard inspired escort cards.

5. And these elegant laser cut table numbers.

Table Numbers from Wedding Favors Unlimited


6. You can serve these fun shooters!….Dessert shooters, that is.

Desserts from the Wedding Chicks


7. You can add balloons near the sweets table!

8. Or in the entryway for your guests!

9. You can style your all white linens with elegant black chairs and hanging candles like this…

Photo from Etsy

10. Or if you think you’ll have messy guests, reverse it!

Photo by K&K Photography

11. Your bouquet can be all white with a splash of black for character.

Photo from Style Me Pretty  by Clark & Walker

12. Or make a bold statement with a dark flower arrangement with pops of white.

Photo from Mod Wedding by Dana Fernandez Photography

13. Your cake can host the perfect silhouette of you and your hubby (and your other favorite family member.)

Photo from Charming Grace Events by Melissa Arroyo Photography

14. Or if dogs aren’t your favorite, you’ll love this black and white cake with a pop of color!

Photo from Charming Grace Events by Sam Dingley Photography

15. Still not feeling the cakes above? Try this for black and white perfection!

Photo from Best Friends for Frosting (via P.S. Make It Your Own)

16. But let’s not forget about the people who really care about the theme color, the wedding party!

Photo by Alefiya Studios

17. Your bridesmaids will be thanking you again and again.

Photo by Jennefer Wilson Photography

18. And what bride can resist the man in her life dressed in all black?

19. We sure can’t!

Photo from Charming Grace Events by Brandon Warren Photography

20. So let black be included in the wedding of your dreams, and remember:

Photo from Charming Grace Events by Brandon Warren Photography


For more inspiration and fun ideas on how to design your black & white wedding check out Charming Grace Events on Pinterest or follow us on Instagram!

XOXO Lindsay L.- Intern


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