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How I Saved the Day with Chapstick


Wedding planners have all sorts of random things in their emergency kits.  Like me, each thing is in there for a reason.  At one point or another it was needed at a wedding and now I refuse to not have it with me at weddings.  In this particular story that item was…chapstick…and this is how I saved the day!

I often assist other awesome wedding planners when they are short handed.  One of my wedding besties asked me to lend an extra hand at one of her bigger weddings a few months ago.  The venue was to die for gorgeous and although the weather was freezing, everyone was having a blast!  That was until an oversight by the caterer happened and caused a HUGE bump in our day!

Once cocktail hour started one of the planning assistants delivered some appetizers for the bride while she changed into her reception dress.  The bride ate, got dressed and was about to walk out for photos when it happened…she got very ill!  The bride ended up having a food allergy an although precautions were taken one of the apps was fried in the same oil as another food item she couldn’t have!  Thankfully it wasn’t an EpiPen moment but she was so congested and no longer felt like a beautiful bride! Cue ALL wedding planners and assistants into an emergency meeting!!

I always have my emergency kit with me at every event no matter the size or if I’m even running the event.  However, no one had any vapor rub or anything that could help the bride from being so stuffy!  I mean she felt miserable and refused to take photos.  At this point I remembered my chapstick that I always carry in my pocket…it had Mentholatum in it!  That could work…right?!

I unrolled half of the chapstick and cut it off until I was down to the last half of unused chapstick. (For sanitary reasons, of course) We got a cup of hot water for some steam and used the unused portion of the chapstick to put just under the bride’s nose to help her breathe better.  It worked!!  An hour later, she was back to normal and smiling…YAY!!  We were able to get her down to their reception and no one knew about our chapstick rescue.

That my gorgeous brides to be, is why you hire a wedding planner!  We save the day in some of the craziest of situations and your guests will never be the wiser.

For more crazy tips and tricks follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.  Looking for planning services?  Then pop over to my website and let’s chat about your big day!!

With love (and chapstick),




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