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Friday Feature – By Brittany Branson


Happy Fri-yay ya’ll and welcome to my newest edition to the blog…Friday Feature!  Every Friday I will be highlighting a new wedding “friendor” that you should get to know…because they rock!

Let me introduce this sweet and amazingly talented lady, Brittany.  She is the owner of By Brittany Branson and she’s one heck of an artist.  Here’s a little more about who she is and what she does!


How long have you been in business?

Less than a year!

What inspires you?

At a higher level, creating pieces that I know my couples will treasure forever. Also, the honor of a couple trusting me to be a part of their most special day. At a lower level? Beautiful flowers that I get to finger paint, sweeping scenery, and the sound of water!


How can clients contact you?, or the contact form on my website.

What advice do you have for couples that may not know about your services?

My advice would be to not be afraid to reach out! I promise I don’t bite! I know the word “custom” can sometimes be scary for couples. It’s a big broad term! But, I am always happy to chat and answer big or small questions. My pieces and art are completely custom tailored for my couples. They will not receive cookie cutter artwork or work that has been seen before. So, all it takes is a few fun chats to bring a unique vision to life!


What makes you different from other creatives?

I haven’t really seen my type of work before. I believe the wedding industry is finally recognizing the importance of a completely custom day, but I haven’t really seen artistic customization trickle down to the signage and paintings I specialize in (guestbook, seating chart, venue, backdrops, etc.) Also, I haven’t seen the type of work that I do being created by one creative. Since I’m a one woman shop, a couple can work with me to create real cohesion between all of the artistic elements they would love to incorporate into their special day. We can also work together to use these pieces as ways to celebrate their personality as a couple without infringing on more delicate wedding themes and colors.


What drives your passion behind what you do?

I’m actually a web developer by day, and so creating these works of art really grounds me and gets my creative juices flowing again. Therefore, I never take any of my clients or couples for granted. Every time they hire me, they are offering me an opportunity to get me back to my true creative self. For that, I am very thankful. Also, I am a recent newlywed myself. The appreciation I have for all of the vendors that worked so hard to make my special day a dream come true is still so fresh in my mind. Being chosen to help make another couple’s dreams come true drives my passion and art.


How far in advance should a client contact you?

I request a four week turnaround time for any piece that I’m asked to create. 

On average, what can clients expect to pay for your services?

Since each piece is completely custom, it really depends on the design and canvas size the couple approves. Pricing averages can be found on my website under each product offering!

How would you describe your style?

Though I most often work in acrylic, my goal is to always have my paintings look like they are watercolor. I use a lot of white paint as a blender, and often use my fingers instead of brushes to make sure strokes are smooth and seamlessly blended. This really helps to make my pieces perfect for weddings since they often turn out so delicate looking!


What process do you go through with your clients?

First, we have an initial discussion about their vision for their pieces as well as any elements they would love to include. I get these ideas down on paper by providing some very rough pencil sketches. Once the client approves of the direction we’re heading in, we’ll finalize canvas size and pricing. Then, I provide a more detailed watercolor pencil sketch to give the client a better idea of the layout and colors of the final piece. Once this is approved, I get to painting! The great thing about working in acrylic is, should the client absolutely hate something on the final piece, it most likely can be covered up. For couples local to the Washington, D.C. area, I always offer to hand deliver the piece the day of the wedding and make sure it is displayed to their and their wedding planner’s liking!

Thank you so much Brittany for allowing us to feature you on our Friday Feature!  If you are looking for a way to add a personal touch to your wedding then check out more from By Brittany Branson!


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