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Stop Hiring Friends for Your Wedding

I hear this more than I can even keep count.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t face palm every time too.  Weddings cost money and I am all about saving some cash where I can…but I am more about getting the job done and good quality.  It is that reason I implore you NOT to hire your friends for your wedding vendors!

I have seen first hand the real issues behind hiring friends, family friends, mom’s co-worker, your cousin’s neighbor’s pool guy just to save money.  The truth is you will end up spending more or have to deal with some sort of last minute emergency.

What do you do when the cake that your Aunt Nancy made goes flying into the floor of her friend’s car on the way to your wedding?  The nearest bakery is 30 minutes away and they are already booked with weddings and can’t accommodate you last minute.  Will you be ok with a $15 sheet cake with bright yellow and blue flowers?  I hope so, because I have been in that exact situation and that was the only cake we could make happen that very moment.

What do you do when your mother’s co-worker “florist” friend backs out on your wedding 1 week before your wedding day?  Again, most florists book months in advance.  Some may be able to make something happen or they may not be able to accommodate you at all.  Are you ok with rainbow colored carnations from every grocery store in a 15 mile radius?

These are real situations all because a couple wanted to save a little money.  What actually ended up happening was more stress and not getting what they wanted, not even close to what they initially wanted and they had to spend more money on a rush order.  Save yourself some sanity and ask your other vendors for referrals.  Your vendors know your budget and will not send you to someone they wouldn’t trust with their own wedding.  You have no obligation to hire them, but give it a try before verbally agreeing to a friend who has no contractual obligation to do anything for you. (Did you notice those key words in there??!)

Need help finding those qualified vendors for your wedding?  Contact us for more information on our wedding planning services!


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