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5 Wedding Day Fixes

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There are always unforeseen things that pop up.  It’s for that reason I have compiled this list of 5 Wedding Day Fixes!  Don’t let these things get in the way of you having the best day ever…handle them like a champ!

  1. Plan B – What’s your venue’s rain plan option or options.  Make sure you are ok with that also before booking!
  2. Unwanted/Extra Guests – ask while booking vendors how they deal.  Let your planner worry about taking care of the extra accommodations, if needed.
  3. Running Late – when building your wedding day timeline you should always include some cushion here and there that will come in handy if you get behind.
  4. MIA Vendor – an emergency or something has caused your vendor to be late or not able to make your wedding…contact your planner ASAP!  If your vendor doesn’t have their own backup plan, your planner should have a list of qualified vendors they can call to jump to your rescue.  Make sure to check your contracts for cancellations policies that protect you also.
  5. Party Animal Guest– Make sure to tell your bartenders to take charge and cut off anyone that needs to be.  Letting a guest get out of hand can cause more trouble than it’s worth!  Just ask my photographer friend that had her lighting equipment broken by out of control guests or when a cake table got knocked over…Not fun!!

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