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Wedding Signs – How to Season Chalkboards

Chalkboards have taken over the wedding signage world!  Have you ever wondered why your words are forever in the background of your chalkboards after erasing them?  The answer is simple…just like a cast iron pan, they have to be seasoned!  Who knew?  This important step is super easy and if you plan on selling or reusing the chalkboards after your wedding it’s a must!

Chalkboard paint is super porous so the chalk just gets absorbed.  Writing on your chalkboard without seasoning it first will “etch” the writing in the chalkboard.  By seasoning your chalkboard you fill in those pores and you can use it over and over again!

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Start with your clean chalkboard.


Step 2. Take your chalkboard and rub a piece of chalk vertically across the whole board.

Step 3.  Now rub the chalk horizontally across the whole board.

Step 4.  Clean the chalk off with a cloth or dry paper towel.  If you prefer the crispy, clean look you can use a damp paper towel.


Step 5.  Now you’re ready to get creative with your chalkboard signs!!



I want to see your favorite wedding signs!  Add yours to the comment section!

Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration!


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