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How to Create Your Wedding Menu

Now that you found your caterer…the fun starts!  Creating your wedding menu should be fun and reflect you as a couple.  Whether you are on a strict budget or have a little more to work with you can create a fun, tasteful menu your guests will love!

Your menu doesn’t have to be Filet and encrusted Chicken with fingerling potatoes.  Caterers are being more creative with options and you can really go with just about anything you can think of.  Late night grilled cheese? You got it!

Start by making a list of all of your favorite foods.  What do you love to order when you go out to your favorite restaurant?  Include a list of foods you don’t want to see at your wedding too.  This will give your caterer a better idea of what to suggest or even create something special for your wedding.  If you have adventurous taste, keep in mind not all of your guests may be on that page and you will want to have options for everyone.  Don’t forget to tell your caterer about any allergies or dietary restrictions  you or your guests may have!

Where you have your wedding and the time of year are good things to keep in mind while building your menu.  If you’re getting married on the beach your caterer may have to bring a temporary kitchen which can restrict your options.  For summer weddings, you may want to keep the menu light.

Ask your caterer what the best option of serving your favorites will be and how it will affect your budget.  The biggest goal is that your wedding reflects your style as a couple so have fun with your menu too!

Need help finding a caterer?  Contact us about our wedding planning services!


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